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Chepstow, United Kingdom

ISMS Security Monitoring Service

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We provide active and passive monitoring of your system logs, user behaviours and other systems security data.

Monitoring Live Data

Reviewing live data to identify potential risks and threats as they happen. We can then notify you in real time of any significant issues.

User Behaviour

Review of user behaviour, data movement, suspect behaviour. We cannot provide this service for individuals but do systems wide monitoring.

Monthly Report

Provision of a monthly management report summarising threats, breaches, and other key security indicators.

Leadership Awareness in Information Security

Organisations are under more and more pressure to demonstrate that they protect and manage personal information. Recognising that key to success is leadership engagement we have a 1/2 day course for business leadership which gives an intensive overview of information security (including ISO27001), IT strategy and how it can be used as a business benefit.

Before the workshop we will contact you to understand what your requirements are then tailor our course to meet your needs.

Information Security Assessment

A 1 day initial assessment identifying the sustainability impacts of your business. After a day in your business we will give you an on the day verbal feedback of key risks, opportunities and key legislation that affects your business.

Organisations will find that after your assessment you will have clarity of the priorities you need to address. This has helped clients deliver robust information security programmes based on strong foundations.

Prior to the visit we will contact you to discuss our approach, learn more about your business and any objectives, such as gaining ISO27001 or other standards.

ISO27001 Implementation

We work with your organisation to implement an effective ISO27001 certified management system. This is based on your organisation, activities and processes and is bespoke to you rather than off the shelf.

Prior to engagement we will contact you to understand what your requirements are and will recommend what steps are needed for you to attain certification.

Consultancy and Support

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Information security consultancy and support available. We provide support from a few hours to long term contracts.


Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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