Access to Nuclear New Build Work

Today I attended a fascinating event run by the Federation of Small Businesses called "How small businesses can win the procurement battle"

It was an interesting presentation from local council, district council and the team from Somerset Chamber of Commerce who are working with EDF to engage smaller suppliers in the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project.

The HPC team are working hard to on-board smaller and local suppliers who would normally feel excluded from accessing Western Europe's largest construction project (Circa £17B)

Although lots of good work is being carried out, the back stop is business will have to comply with HPC supply chain requirements. The guiding principles are:

"Our key considerations in selecting supply chain participants include:

• An uncompromising commitment to nuclear, industrial and environmental safety.

• A desire to achieve zero harm while delivering our sustainability and environmental aspirations.

• Cost and socio-economic benefits."

For more information see Hinkley Supply Chain

With more years that I care to remember getting business into shape to gain market access we can help you tap into some of the biggest supply chains in the UK, regardless of how big you are. Speak to us about:

- ISO Standards (9001, 14001 and 18001)

- Demonstrating value of Sustainability and CSR

- Tender and Bid Writing

- Achilles Certifications

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