50 Shades of Green

I visited UK Construction Week in October. Having worked alongside construction for many years, it gives me a great opportunity to catch up with people, and see a showcase of the industry.

Whilst there I bumped into a friend from one of the sustainable building materials groups. I haven't seen him for years so we had a bit of a catch up. One of his most startling (but unsurprising) statements is that over the last 5 years he'd found "green doesn't sell". He's definitely "deep green" and I admire his uncompromising attitude to the use of low impact materials.

Following on from that catch up, I've had that comment rolling around in my head. Why doesn't green sell? So I've translated it into some points to consider when you are addressing your "green" agenda.

- Many audiences are cynical of the terms "green", "sustainable", "eco" etc.

- These words are used when in reality "better" should be used.

- When selling "sustainability", "green", "eco" etc... a good place to start is testing you approach by using "Better". Why is it better, and why is it better for your audience.

Using the "Better" test is a great way to start out on the sustainability journey, because those early days are about getting people to trust, understand and buy into you, your product and organisation.

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