Which Certification Body?

Over the years I've worked with most of the main certification bodies. This has provided me with an interesting insight into their operations, attitude and most importantly services levels.

Lets start with a little joke... If most company's going for ISO9001 treated their customers like some CB's do I'm pretty sure that they'd fail their audit (and probably go out of business).

Although I'm not going to name names, I can provide you some considerations you might want to mull over when selecting certification bodies.

- Are the biggest and best known, the best for you? Consider industry specialists or smaller CB's.

- How expensive are they. Prices do vary quite considerably, and expensive does not equal a high value experience!

- How responsive have they been... Lets face it, if you have to chase them how seriously do they take customer service.

- Do you talk to a human being about your account or a call centre? Its a service business, the personal touch can really help.

- What are their auditing standards like? You are looking for a systems auditor who will add value to your business.

Any if you ever wondered, we are constantly talking to CB's and carry out a supplier re-assessment to make sure we know who's in the game!

If you are looking for certification, unhappy with your current CB or want to revitalise your certification process. We can help you with this. Speak to us about:

- ISO Standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001)

- ISO Transition to new versions of the standards

- Business Change and Embedding Systems

- Training and Development to support your ISO

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