We believe that responsible business is about meeting the values that you and society expects that address the goals of fairness, honesty and sustainable development.


Our Purpose

To create credible and trusting relationships between society and organisations, through the development and application of responsible practices.


Our Commitment


Sustain You's commitment to responsible business is built upon the recognition that long-term success is directly linked to leadership and the organisations behaviour and culture


Our Values

Our Values are important to us, and guide how we work:

  • Start by thinking responsibly, not adding it at the end;

  • Listen and challenge, in an honest, fair and balanced way;

  • Celebrate uniqueness and differences and the creativity this brings;

  • Go above and beyond accepted business practices;

  • Make people better equipped to deal with future changes;

  • Create positive disruption to ignite cultural change;

Our Approach


We’re a consultancy, people come first: Everyone contributes to enabling responsible business, so we work visibly at all levels of the organisation.  We will take time to understand what you need to deliver a tailored, adaptable and agile solution.


We innovate by considering the whole lifecycle and value chain. Zooming out to know the real boundary, opens up new possibilities and changes perspectives when searching for the optimum solution.


We believe the best results come from building a collaborative relationship because life is not black and white it is changing shades of grey