Are you Responsible Ready?
What is your role within the business?
1) Do you measure return on investment of sustainability and CSR initatives?
2) According to WRAP, how many times do you need to use a glass milk bottle to make it more sustainable than plastic?
3) What is the average lifespan of a glass milk bottle (as reported by WRAP)?
4) Has your business implemented a sustainability strategy?
5) What is the increase in performance of businesses that have adopted responsible business practices?
6) Do you ask your suppliers to help your sustainability goals?
7) Do you encourage / enable your employees to participate in community activity?
8) Are you aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
9) Do you know what your biggest environmental impacts are?
10) Do you measure and manage risk in any part of your business?
11) Do you communicate any sustainability / CSR initiatives as part of your customer engagement / marketing?
12) Are you doing anything to influence customer behaviour?
13) Is your business being asked about certification (of any kind)?
14) Does your leadership wholly embrace your sustainability / CSR / responsible business agenda?

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Thanks for completing (we'll analyse the results and, if you ticked the contact me box, will send you a follow up email with useful tips and advice)