Leadership Awareness for Sustainability

Organisations are under more and more pressure to deliver an environmental, sustainability or corporate responsibility strategy. Recognising that key to successful and valuable sustainability programmes is leadership engagement we have a 1/2 day course for business leadership which gives an intensive overview of environmental management, sustainability and corporate responsibility and the approach needed to maximise business benefit.

Before the workshop we will contact you to understand what your requirements are then tailor our course to meet your needs.

Sustainability Assessment

A 1 day initial assessment identifying the sustainability impacts of your business. After a day in your business we will give you an on the day verbal feedback of key risks, opportunities and key legislation that affects your business.

Organisations will find that after your assessment you will have clarity of the priorities you need to address. This has helped clients deliver robust sustainability programmes based on strong foundations.

Prior to the visit we will contact you to discuss our approach, learn more about your business and any objectives, such as gaining ISO14001 or other standards.

Sustainability Road Map

We recognise that creating the change required for successful sustainability and environmental projects can be a challenge in itself. To assist you we work with organisations to create a Map which focuses on three key areas;

  1. Immediate projects to baseline your business

  2. Processes are in place to support future change

  3. Key themes you will need to work on over the long term

What do we get.

A more detailed assessment of your business working with you to identify you long term objectives and goals. We then carry out an onsite review of risks, opportunities, and relevant legal obligations.

We will provide you with your bespoke Horizon Map and supporting information in the form of a risk and compliance register (14001 compliant) with accompanying treatment plan and complexity assessment.

Consultancy and Support

Contact Us for more Information

Sustainability consultancy and support available. We provide support from a few hours to long term contracts. Examples of how we can help:

  • Sustainability Strategy

  • Management Systems

  • Legal Compliance

  • Training and Development

  • Audit Programmes and Internal Auditing

  • Waste Management

  • Energy Reduction


Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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